Calf hutch spinder

Because of their inherent low resistance newborn calves are very susceptible to infections. One of the main reasons why these infections are transmitted is that they lick and suck each other. Therefore individual housing is of utmost importance, the more so because the value of the calves has increased as a result of modern breeding methods. Any other way of housing would involve too much risk.

Individual housing offers optimal inspection on calf health, feeding, and manure. Calves with diarrhea or another ailment can be spotted immediately and can be treated separately. This makes the chances to infect the other calves very small. For years and years now the Spinder individual calf pens have attributed to a healthy start of the newborn calf.

Major characteristics of Spinder single calf pens:
• Front gate for maximum access;
• The gate can turn left or right;
• Adjustable V-shaped feed opening in the front gate for calves of various age and/or breeds. If necessary this adjustable opening can also be used to lock calves in;
• The pens have raised floors, this ensures dry bedding and maximum ventilation;
• The closed lower section of the gate prevents draught and keeps straw inside;
• The frame and the front gate are hot dip galvanized;
• The removable slatted floor is made of smooth hardwood with galvanized carriage bolts;
• Dividing panels of waterproof plywood with smooth synthetic resin finish and an aluminum protective edge;
• Removable back wall, for good cleaning;
• The pen can be assembled quickly and simply. A clear assembly manual is included;
• Available in widths of 82 and 92 cm;

It is recommended to place the calf pens in a separate area with
sufficient ventilation.